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#378154 - Willow grinned as she admired Stacy, a slender girl with small, b-cup breasts, a little airheaded but bubbly and friendly without any hatred in her, “Ahha, a classic move, the blowjob ponytail. Willow bit her lip, she had asked the girl to keep her hands down by her sides to prevent her from placing them on Louise’s thighs, where the softness would’ve given away the game, but as it seemed she didn’t have to worry about that. ” They both giggled as Stacy moved to sit on the edge of Willows spacious bed, watching as the gothic girl stepped through her room, her hips swaying alluringly as she moved to a shelf, plugging her phone into a speaker system and letting some soft music play, a little Florence and the Machine, a little Emilie Autumn, her kind of music.

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