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#218084 - I beaconed to Paul to come over and stand in front of me, he did and I took him in my mouth and began to ride Ahmeed faster and faster. Lissa covered my face again so I could not breath and Ahmeed rammed in so hard and deep I thought that I would die, I was suffocating, all the orgasms felt as nothing compared to the explosion of rapture erupting through my body as I felt his red hot semen flood into my womb, pulse after pulse of burning cream for what seemed like eternity. He said “Roll over Paul, bring Sam on top”, so with Paul still in my ass, Ahmeed just rammed his whole length into me, He was thrusting so hard that I was sliding up and down on Paul’s’ dick so as Ahmeeds pubic bone hit mine I slid up Paul’s dick, as he pulled out he pulled me back so Paul slid deep into my ass, it was not long before I could feel Paul’s dick pulsating as he shot his load, he said to Ahmeed that he was done, Ahmeed lifted me up off Paul, Ahmeed was standing upright, his arms around my waist, I was

Read Safadinha Noraneko Shoujo to no Kurashikata Ch. 4-14 Hymen Noraneko Shoujo to no Kurashikata Ch. 4-14

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