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#55119 - Her eyes at first couldn't exactly make out what was going on, but it only took a few seconds for her to realize that Tommy, her boyfriend, was fucking old lady Williams like there was no tomorrow! Cheryl's head began to spin and her stomach lurched, with a feeling of nausea sweeping over her! Let me out of here, Cheryl gasped, unable to grasp exactly what was going on around her! Miss Parsons firmly gripped Cheryl's arm and marched her up to the front of the room where Tommy was busily ramming his thick rod into Miss Williams gaping cunt. She was surprised when the young teacher told her that their meeting was to be held in Miss Williams room, because for one thing, she didn't have a class with her, and for another she was scared to death of the old math teacher! As they walked through halls on their way to Miss Williams room, Cheryl wondered what in the world this was all about! The room looked dark but Miss Parsons opened the door slowly and led Cheryl insi

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