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#60830 - Midori started crying even harder and said, “You knew it was me and you tortured me like that anyway?” I smiled and said, “You bet! If you want to sell your ass like that you can! I talked to a few of the guys at the club! They will be coming here to fuck you from now on! Your cunt is worth twenty dollars and your ass is worth twenty-five dollars! I will keep half the money for being your pimp! Oh yes and I get to fuck you anytime that I want too just for being your pimp! Is that clear?” Midori glared at me and said, “You can’t do that!” I slapped her right across her face hard and said, “Yes I can and I will! I could put your ass in jail for that forged document that you used to get that tattoo and then to get hired at the Bend Over Club!” Midori realized that I wasn’t kidding. To get in position the girls stand in the booth and place their feet in straps that hold their knees about a foot or so apart. She told me that she found a way around that.

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Kou yagami
That was fuckin great
We love filming with olivia you can tell she really loves what she does plus her blowjobs are f cking amazing
Hayase sou